Simon Mpata (Tanzanian, 1942–1984)
Untitled, circa 1981–3

signed ‘S. G. MPATA’ (middle right)
enamel on board
60 x 60cm
Ksh 120,000–170,000
US$ 1,360–1,930
Sold Ksh 258,280

Provenance: Private Collection

Mpata is the youngest half-brother of Edward Saidi Tingatinga, originator of the Tingatinga art movement. Mpata learnt to paint from his brother and is generally viewed as the artist who kept his style the closest to Tingatinga’s. After Tingatinga’s death, Mpata refused to participate in training more painters and left Tanzania to open a studio in Nairobi where he lived and worked until his death in 1982. His work has been extensively collected and shown in numerous exhibitions worldwide.