Fitsum Behre Woldelibanos (Ethiopian, born 1979)
Lost in Space, 2008
Signed ‘Fitsum Berhe Woldelibanos’ (below)
Acrylic on canvas
130 x 130cm
Ksh 300,000-400,000
US$ 3,410-4,550
Sold Ksh 587,000

Provenance: Marc Van Rampelberg collection

Fitsum was born in Ethiopia and graduated from the Asmara School of Arts in 2000 after taking courses in painting, sculpture and print-making. He has lived in Kenya for the last 15 years. Frequently playing with stereotypes of the exoticised black male, his vibrant, gestural paintings have gathered an enthusiastic international following. His work has been exhibited extensively in Kenya, South Africa and Europe including Austria, Sweden and most recently France.

This painting is unusual for Woldelibanos in that it focuses on the background textures and atmosphere as opposed to the figure of the woman in the foreground.

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