Raza Mohammed (Tanzanian, born 1946)
African Matisse Mask, 2001
Signed ‘RAZA 29.5.2001’(lower right)
Acrylic on canvas
96 x 79cm
Ksh 130,000-175,000
US$ 1,500-2,000
Sold Ksh 187,840

Provenance: direct from the artist

Raza Mohammed, was born in Tabora, Tanzania but moved to Mombasa, Kenya when he was very young. Later, he returned to Arusha, Tanzania where he began work as a graphic artist, book illustrator and stamp designer. Mohammed visited the USA through the Crossroad Africa Operation. He was also invited to Moscow to produce medals for high ranking army officers involved in the Ugandan army during Idi Amin’s regime. In 1964, Raza Mohammed retired and moved to Mwenge, near Dar es Salaam, where he still lives and makes art.

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