Peter Elungat (Kenyan, born 1978)
Untitled, 2001
Oil on canvas
125 x 155cm
Ksh 650,000-800,000
US$ 7,385-9,100
Sold Ksh 763,100

Provenance: private collection

Born in Teso District in the Western Province of Kenya, Peter Elungat joined Kuona Trust’s Museum art studios in 1997.

A very popular painter in Kenya, Elungat is renowned for his large canvases, muted earth coloured palette and his imaginary muse, Angelina, an elongated spiritual female form painted in a style reminiscent of the European renaissance period. He has exhibited in Nigeria, Canada, Singapore and the UK. This particular work is rare, one of only two paintings where Elungat experimented with a different technique, and is a portrait of his wife.

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