Jackson Wanjau (Kenyan, born 1966)
Untitled, undated
70.5 x 38 x 33cm
Ksh 150,000-220,000
US$ 1,700-2,500
Sold Ksh 164,360

Provenance: Desai collection

Son of revered Kenyan sculptor Samuel Wanjau and older brother to sculptor Anthony, Jackson initially rejected following his father’s footsteps, and studied to be a primary school teacher. He continued to work alongside his father in his spare time and in 1994 decided to focus on his art practice. The influence of his father’s work is evident in Wanjau’s technique of skilfully allowing a figure, an animal or a story to emerge whether carving from stone or wood. His sculpture is distinguished by the angles and distortion in the form and by his careful finishing and detail.

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