Maasai Mbili (Gomba Otieno, Ashif Malamba, Kevo Stero and Wycliffe Opondo)
Untitled, 2014
Signed ‘GOMBA’ (lower right); ‘ Kevo Stero’ (lower right); ‘Ashif’ (lower right);  ‘WIKI’ (lower right)
Mixed media on canvas
70 x 50cm each
Ksh 120,000-200,000
US$ 1,360-2,270
(for all 4 paintings)
Sold Ksh 200,000

Provenance: direct from the artists

50% of the sale of this lot, including all Circle’s commission will be donated to Maasai Mbili Art Centre, Kibera.
For over ten years, Maasai Mbili has been producing artwork inspired by life in Kibera slum, Nairobi. It was founded by Otieno Gomba and Otieno Kota, two sign-writers who raised enough money to take over a bar along Kibera Drive, which they converted into a studio.

The artists moved from producing functional advertisements for the slum to creating works on wood and canvas. Now a registered cultural centre, Maasai Mbili is better known as M2. A large portion of their artwork is political, critiquing local government through humour and satire. M2 have exhibited extensively in Kenya, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and the USA.

Members include; Otieno Gomba (Gomba), Otieno Kennedy Rabala (Rabala), Kevin Irundu (Kevo Stero), George Malamba (Ashif), Charles Francis Ogolla (Chakara), and Wycliffe Opondo (Wiki) who now works from Kuona Trust. All members share the vision to interact with community and develop Kibera slum, creating awareness about issues such as HIV and crime, inspiring and influencing disadvantaged young people in their area.

M2 need to renovate and expand the centre since they now have 14 members and space and facilities are limited. The paintings in this auction are done by some of the first members of the group. They will all be donating 50% of the proceeds of the sale towards improving and expanding their space. Circle will waive its commission, so we encourage all our bidders to be generous and support their cause.

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