Circle Art Auction 2015 Lot 2 Peter Elungat

Peter Elungat (Kenyan, born 1978)
Great Times of Angelina, 2000
Oil pastel on paper
30 x 8 cm

Ksh 50,000-80,000
(US$ 460-730)
Sold Ksh 135,010

Provenance: private collection

Growing up in Western Kenya, Peter Elungat was just a child when he began drawing. In 1997 he joined Kuona Trust Museum Art Studio, Nairobi and attended numerous workshops where he developed his painting.

Elungat’s paintings of his single female figure, Angelina, created in the style of the major renaissance painters continue to captivate an audience of both local and international collectors.

Angelina is Elungat’s invented muse whom the artist uses to visualize the spiritual realm. Elungat tends to work on large-scale canvases, making this rare and intricate pastel drawing a very unusual work.

The popular Angelina has been exhibited in Nigeria, Canada, Singapore and the UK.