Circle Art Auction 2015 Lot 8 Peter Walala

Peter Walala (Kenyan, born 1978)
Clear Instructions, 2015
Signed ‘WALALA 015’ (lower right)
Recycled clothing labels
132 x 160 cm

Ksh 270,000-400,000
(US$ 2,455-3,640)
Bought in

Provenance: direct from the artist

In Peter Walala’s sculptural practice he experiments with qualities and properties of different materials such as plastic, stone, ice and wood, developing innovative processes to manipulate and transform them. His most recent works have grown from his interest in clothing labels, observing the intricacy of their sharp text, images and curious messages. Over time he has shaped a meticulous and affectionate process of sourcing, selecting, treating and piecing the labels together into large tapestries, this is the third of only three so far.

Walala studied electronic engineering at the Nairobi Technical Institute before deciding to become a full time artist. He joined Kuona Trust in 1998 and since then has participated in various collective exhibitions, as well as community projects, both locally and abroad. He has also completed artist residencies in the USA, Finland, Italy and Canada. In 2015 he won the Visual Art Award in the Manjano competition in Nairobi.