Evarist Chikawe (Tanzanian, born 1974)
Guitarist Lady, 2017Signed ‘E. Chikawe’ (lower right)
Oil pastels on canvas
92 x 72 cm
Ksh 165,000 – 275,000
(US$) 1,500 – 2,500
Provenance: Private collection

Sold Ksh 164,360

Chikawe is an established artist based in Dar es Salaam and an active member of the arts community. He is passionate about his cultural background and his work frequently depicts cyclical activities such as harvest times and stories of village life as related by the elders, and cultural activities such as depicted by this musician.

Chikawe believes “art is an effective medium to teach peace, preserve culture, educate people and express feelings”. His work has been exhibited as part of the Africa Now exhibition in 2008 organised by Thorup Art, in Finland, Norway and Denmark, as well as frequently in Nairobi and his home country Tanzania.