Souad Abdelrassoul (Egyptian, born 1974)
I am not Alone, 2019Signed ‘’signature’, 2019’
Acrylic on canvas
69 x 49 cm
Ksh 275,000 – 440,000
(US$) 2,500 – 4,000
Provenance: Direct from the artist

Sold Ksh 328,720

Souad Abdelrassoul is a storyteller; her paintings use a surrealist visual language to reflect imaginatively on relationships and gender identity. Best known for her paintings and drawings of women, in which she says she tries: “to visualise not so much their physical beauty, but more their secrets, hidden, their special ingredients and silent desires”.

This is an unusual little painting of an androgynous figure, perhaps seeking comfort from their pet cat and a pretty flower. It demonstrates the narrative ability of her work and allows us to use our imagination.

Abdelrassoul studied Fine Art at El Minya University in Egypt, graduating in 1998. She went on to postgraduate study of History of Art, and in 2012 she completed her PhD in Modern Art History.
Abdelrassoul’s practice spans mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, book illustration and arts education. Her works have been shown in Cairo and Nairobi since 1998.