Peter Kenyanya (Kenyan, born 1977)
Armoured Warrior, 2018
Signed ‘PK0018’ (lower back)
Red granite
39.2 x 22.5 x 18.5 cm
KSH 140,000 – 240,000
(US$) 1,500 – 2,500
Provenance: Direct from the artist

Sold Ksh 164,360

Peter Kenyanya Oendo is one of the most accomplished Kenyan stone sculptors of his generation. He first encountered stone carving watching his grandfather working and his famous uncle, the sculptor Elkana Ongesa inspired him to become an artist. Working with a variety of rock types native to Kenya, Kenyanya’s pieces move between figuration and abstraction, with Armoured Warrior being a prime example of the latter. Clean lines and a pared down form highlight the stunning colour of the red jasper and the striation of blue race agate within it.

While Kenyanya received no formal training in art, he has, through years of experimentation as well as participation in various local and international workshops, honed his skills as a sculptor and developed the scale and scope of his work. Kenyanya has exhibited his work in Kenya and internationally in Tanzania, South Africa, China and the UK.