Jak Katarikawe (Ugandan, 1938 – 2018)
Queen Elephants, undated
Signed ‘JAK.KATARIKAWE’ (lower left)
Oil on canvas
74.3 x 74.3 cm
US$ 3,000 – 5,000
Provenance: private collection
Sold US$ 4,226

Jak Katarikawe grew up in rural southwest Uganda and is now one of East Africa’s best-known artists. As political oppression intensified in Uganda, Katarikawe relocated to Nairobi in 1981, where he became one of the artists who gained exposure through Ruth Schaffner’s Gallery Watatu.

Combining painting and storytelling, Katarikawe’s emotive portrayals of the dramas and dreams of village life have received international acclaim and been an inspiration to generations of young artists. Extensively collected, Katarikawe’s paintings have been exhibited in Africa, Europe and the USA. Between 2013 and 2017 Katarikawe’s paintings have been featured at the annual Bonhams, Africa Now auction in London, in the travelling group show Mwili Akili na Roho, at The Royal Academy, London and Haus Der Kunst, Munich, and this year at NCAI, Nairobi.