Georges Ebrin Adingra (Ivorian, 1933 – 2005)
Dance – what a world of emotions, 1993
Signed ‘signature’ (lower right)
Oil and sand on canvas mounted on board
73.1 x 50.1 cm
US$ 2,000 – 2,500
Provenance: private collection
Sold US$ 2,113

Born in Adaou, Ivory Coast, Georges Ebrin Adingra studied philosophy in Abidjan until the age of 17 when he received a scholarship to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Marseille, graduating with distinction in 1955. This was followed by studies in architecture in Nancy, France and travels through Europe and America before finally settling in Paris.

Adingra is renowned for his application of European Cubism to distinctly African, often mystical themes (such as the Poro secret society, Calao birds, Kora string instruments, healers and wizards, the Akan, Senufo and Ashanti people)—and the depth and texture characteristic of his application of oil paint mixed with fine sandstone. He won the Laurent Prix de New York awarded by Galerie Duncan and became well known through shows in Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Milan, Rotterdam, Abidjan, Kobe and Malmö, including notable exhibitions at Artclub Gallery in Paris and Dussard Art Gallery in New York. A voluminous monograph of his life and work was published in 1990.